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LeDo Enterprises, LLC.
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New Alexandria, PA 15670

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Don Kendall

Owner / Developer

Don is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and the founder of Ledo Enterprises. He has been working with computers, designing websites and creating solutions for business owners since his college days. Now he does all of this while holding the position of IT manager at Kencove Farm Fence. He also has a love of skiing, scuba diving, rock climbing, golf and pretty much anything that can be done outdoors.

Lesa Kendall

Marketing / Customer Support

Lesa is a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania and the co- founder of Ledo Enterprises. She handles marketing and bookeeping for the company. She hates skiing, scuba diving, rock climbing and golf, but loves traveling, music and Don Kendall.

Nathan Kunkle

Graphic Designer

Nathan is a graphic designer. He works for Ledo Enterprises as well as Kencove Farm Fence. He has designed a number of websites, brochures and catalogs.

Mike Gais

Graphic Designer

AKA Turd Ferguson

Mike is a graduate from Pittsburgh Technical Institute; is passionate about design, social media technologies, and ninja warrior competitions; an advocate of CSS/accessibility who enjoys the challenge of bringing creativity, usability, planning, and technology together for intelligent and engaging web experiences...that is, when he isn't playing harmonica in a metal band.

Eric Barker

Project Consultant

Eric is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University. He provides web design and computer consulting, tutoring, and repair to residents of western Pennsylvania. He travels as a computer consultant during the week and provides technical support to clients and friends in Indiana County, Pittsburgh, and beyond. Eric provides training for our customers as well and handles customer relations

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